In this video, Steven Jackson discusses why purchasing gold and silver will really benefit you right now. One reason that these assets are so desirable is when the economy is down and inflation is high (and they often times coincide), investors tend to turn to safe-haven investments like precious metals.

Both precious metals have been sought after throughout history and are often a top choice in any portfolio diversification strategy - but there are a few key differences you should consider before investing in either metal. Silver may seem like a great investment opportunity; however, while it has gone up recently, it seems much more volatile than gold. So, let's take a closer look at silver vs. gold - why is silver cheaper?

Firstly, because of its huge supply: nearly 1.74 million metric tons of silver have been mined throughout all time compared with only 198 thousand metric tons of gold according to data from the World Gold Council. While silver may have a less valuable cost than gold and other precious metals, it still has many of the same benefits that one can expect from this type of purchase. Silver is not just an affordable alternative to gold— it shares many similarities with its fellow precious metal: -

Both Gold and Silver serve as stores of value (i.e., they are considered safe places to put your money where prices won't fluctuate too much). -They both involve no counterparty risk; so, they give you peace of mind knowing there's nothing being managed on behalf. -Both have never been defaulted on; so, if you buy physical silver, you don't need worry about losing all your assets like might happen with stock options or virtual investments where defaults are commonplace.

Buying silver provides certain advantages over investing in gold because it is cheaper, but still affords most of the protection someone would want when purchasing something considered valuable. Silver is approximately 60 times cheaper than gold. It is also affordable to purchase 1kg of silver rather than 1kg of gold; this attribute makes it an easy choice for beginners to invest in precious metals.

There's no right option because every investor has different needs and goals; while some may be looking for more stable investments without major fluctuations, others may want greater exposure due to the constant fluctuation that comes with investing in silver (or even other commodities).

For those who do not plan on storing their metal holdings indefinitely, consider buying silver instead - after all, it takes up less space than its yellow counterpart. Investing in either physical gold or silver can prove to be an amazing decision because both are used as stores of value, and people often invest in them during times of economic uncertainty.

Both precious metals have plenty of benefits; Gold is well-known for being resilient while Silver has volatile returns. If you haven't invested in either one yet then this may just be the right time! Click the link below to get started and learn how you can be financially secured through buying of gold and silver.

Click the link below to get started and learn how you can be financially secured through buying of gold and silver.