With nearly fifty million small businesses nationwide seeking funding, this free podcast by industry expert Steven Jackson answers questions like; why business loans, what business loans are available, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of business loans?  

Starting a business may be as easy as starting up your computer. If only it were so easy!

For anyone who has been holding back on starting a business because they don't have any money--you might want to listen to this podcast! Many people have made the jump into entrepreneurship by securing funding through securing a business loan.  

In this podcast, find out all about the ins and outs of why a business loan is such a good idea, what kinds of loans are for entrepreneurs, the benefits and drawbacks of business loans, and much more! If you are interested in a business loan that offers unsecured options in many different categories then click on this link

You may also want to take advantage of the employee retention credit that the federal government is making available to businesses. If so, here's a link for you . Take the opportunity and see how your company qualifies.

If you're considering borrowing money for any reason, then make sure you watch this very informative podcast. I'll be going over what it means to take out a business loan and the advantages and disadvantages.

We'll be discussing it from both the perspective of the company providing the money and the perspective of the company taking out the loan!   If you want to start or grow your business, don't hesitate to watch this video! You'll be glad you did!

I am also providing a link to my blog with even more in-depth information that will arm you with the information needed to make an informed decision when getting a business loan. It will also give you a loan source that will provide funding for inventory, employees, new business startups, payroll, consulting, franchises, marketing, real estate, and so much more!!!

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