Try the Sales Funnel Route to Grow Your Business & Reap the Benefits.

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Are you looking to venture into the world of business and don’t know where to start? Marketing and sales are the twin pillars on which the success of any business rests.

It is, however, not everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, with digitalization and technological advancement, there is more opportunity in online than offline businesses.

But whether you are planning an in-store enterprise or want to try the new digital marketing way, knowing about sales funnel and how it can benefit you is useful.

What does sales funnel mean?

There are various stages of customer attraction and conversion in business. The structure for understanding this process better is conceptualized like an inverse pyramid or a funnel.

However, if you look at the below sales funnel, you will be amazed to note that the definition of what constitutes marketing and sales domain are fast changing in recent times.

Moreover, the phases, although similar to the old approach, don’t work linearly anymore. So, instead of a straightforward funnel, the new marketing and sales funnel functions best as a looping journey.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the whole concept or just plain confused about how it can benefit you?Don’t worry, a more detailed explanation will help clarify.

We will describe the entire process of sales funnel here, and you will realize how adopting the approach will help to take your business forward.

Sales funnel stages: Explained

Remember, what we just discussed about the new loop approach to sales funnel. In its basic principle, sales funnel comprises a framework of four aspects.


Interest which grows from consideration, and in this stage a research and discovery loop is also an integral part


Post-purchase is the ideal stage where satisfied and delighted customer experience can create loyalty to your brand of products and services. The outcome is re-targeting old patrons which completes the loop while repeating the entire process to target new customers.


The first stage is where you make your potential customers aware of the products and services you offer.

This is the process where you build a reputation and showcase your credibility in providing that which resonates through the customer’s needs and interests.

Page likes – Social media has engulfed modern life and attract the most attention of buyers’ online activities. Few lead generation tools are more effective than social media following and page likes. One thing to remember here is that this is not a direct sales pitch, although it may turn out to be so. Rather, this is the basic step of awareness creation. As long as you keep authentic content and use viable promotion tools in your advertising pages and posts, people will respond positively.

Giveaways – Social media enthusiasts love giveaways, and this can be a great way of targeting customer awareness for your products and services. A recent survey on digital marketing established that more than 70% of consumers are likely to encourage friends and family to try a new product, and almost 80% of consumers are persuaded by these suggestions to buy it. As it is customary for participants in giveaways to tag friends, or share or like social media posts and pages, brand awareness creation is the outcome.

Content – With the digital revolution and popularity of social media, spreading information and awareness has become very easy. Good content is essential to consolidate awareness and help engage potential buyers’ interest long enough for them to decide to buy your products and services. As it can create the right buzz and induce consumers to go through your sales funnel, this aspect requires special attention as you build awareness.


The next stage when awareness of your products and services are with your prospective customers is to be considered as interesting.

This is where you can analyze how well your advertisement and promotion are resonating with the people.

The USP of this aspect of marketing strategy is that it produces an intent to buy in the minds of the consumers.

Traffic – The importance of research and discovery in generating interest is it focuses not on how many people have seen your ads but how many have responded and acted upon seeing them. This is where online traffic generation becomes important for your business. when people who view the ads, also click on the embedded links to visit your online portal, you know that the next stage of the sales funnel is in progress.

Landing page views – All modern businesses use the digital platform to promote their brands and capture market share by bringing in the people to their website. In this respect, landing page views are a more accurate indicator of consumer interest. After someone has clicked on a link, they are transported to your web page. However, some people might have clicked by mistake or closed the website before it could load and open. So, the number of link clicks may be an incomplete understanding of how much traffic your website generated, in which case the landing page views will give a better result.

Click-through rate – Before viewers convert into buyers, the sales funnel might need to add optimization through the click-through rate metrics. This is calculated by the number of people who visited your website over the total number of impressions that are generated. Although this does not ensure conversion, it is an important part of the research and discovery aspect of interest generation. It gives you the idea of how well prospective customers are responding to your marketing strategies, and if you need to tweak them to increase their interest and intent.

Decision, conversion, purchase

This is one of the most important stages of the sales funnel as it rewards your marketing efforts with revenue generation.

This is the action stage where three closely connected things are accomplished. People decide to purchase your products and services thereby giving your business the desired conversion from sales pitch to actual sales.

The success of this stage is not a direct equivalence of how well you have helped your customers to journey through your sales funnel, but it creates a huge impact.

Experts say that businesses who follow a customized sales funnel and are flexible enough to tweak the various aspects of it have the best chances of maximizing conversion rate.


It is an error of judgment to think that purchase is the conclusion of business that’an error some new entrepreneurs make.

You need to remember that the final stage of the sales funnel is only complete when you take care of the post-purchase aspect of it. This is where brand loyalty gets built.

Till now, you have been focusing on getting people to know and like you so that they buy the products and services you sell.

In this stage, which is towards the tip of the inverse pyramid structure, you get people to start trusting you so that they come back for more.

Re-targeting – This is a unique step not included in the traditional approach to sales funnel. Businesses following the newer digital marketing sales funnel appreciate the significance of this step. Here, customers are re-targeted and recaptured by offering them some other product or service you have on offer. Based on their recent satisfying experience of purchasing from you, they are often induced by the brand-new sales pitch thereby boosting your sales.

One of the two most popular techniques to re-target customers in the post-purchase stage of sales funnel is by ad refresh. It is important to remember that no one likes repetitive things and overused ads can be considered as spam and ignored. On the contrary, through ad refresh, customers are introduced to the brand in a new way, thus capturing their attention.

The second method for successful re-targeting is email marketing. Once sales get completed, it is essential to nurture a long-term relationship with the customer. The trick here is to understand the difference between a friendly nudge and a hard push. To avoid being ignored through spam filtering, it is important to distinguish your message from the general clutter. People who have already purchased from you at least once, are more likely to positively respond to sales and promotional offers. In this way, they can be brought back to the sales funnel and ensure more business for you.

Repeat–The reason we reiterated that sales funnel is more like a loop than a linear structure is the opportunity of repeating the process.As you complete one cycle of sales funnel, with the building of brand loyalty, repeat and new buyers together represent the customer base for your successful business.

How can I get sales funnel to help grow my business?

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