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Social media and the internet is the biggest platform for selling your products. The individuals who are aware of this fact have certainly generated a lot of profits from making use of it.

Just like the marketing that takes place all around us, you need to create a platform that makes you stand out from the crowd. The absence of a strategy will definitely result in business failure. Your marketing strategy is reflected by the various choices you make such as understanding your target market, goals as well as the presence of the other competitors.

It is only when you have the knowledge of these aforementioned factors that you devise a suitable strategy. Every product speaks of a brand name. The only quality that makes your product become outstanding in the market place is the way it enters the market place.

One thing is always certain when building a product, there are other products in existence before it. Nonetheless, unless you are able to identify the exact individuals who are in dire need of your product and how to reach them, your product may become non-existent. 


There are various social media platforms that can help your product reach its target market. The social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a lot more.

To get optimum results from the use of the various social media platforms, you need to access yourself. Why do you want to be on the social media platform?

What goals do you hope to achieve from using the social media platform? If you fail to define your goals, then you are certainly not going to do well in your strategy.

The goals will certainly trigger you to attain greater heights in marketing your products. It could be solely for the purpose of causing awareness of the product, getting review of the product or to increase the sales of the product.


Whatever your goal is, it is the appropriate force to bring out a tremendous change in your product. There are no rules to having goals. It is better to have more than one goal.

 Having a goal is not solely enough to bring about the desired change. You must consider the placement of your target audience. 

Your target audience is the next big step to answering questions such as where to reach them; when to make contact with them as well as the appropriate content to share with them.

To make it easier, this format serves as a guide: 

Who is my target audience? (Age, gender, location, profession, etc.) 

How do I reach them? (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) 

What are their interests? (Entertainment, education, politics) 

When are they usually available? (Weekdays, weekends) 

How will they come in contact with my content? (Social media posts or videos) 

What intrigues them about the content of my product? (Health needs, to become focused, for fun) 

All of this information about your target audience may already be available to you especially if the business is not a new one.

Nonetheless, it is pertinent to write it down so as to remind you of what your purposes are.



The third step is to consider the type of content you want to display. Inasmuch as you know you target audience and understand what your goals are, you still need to define how you want to make the content of your product known, you can either choose to write about it or post a video showing all there is to know about the product.

After sharing your content or giving your content a theme, the next thing to do is to make decisions about where to share your content.

There is no rule that specifies a certain social media platform for you to share your content. The most important thing is for you to understand the social media platform that works best for you.

As a matter of fact, sharing your product content on various social media platforms is limiting. When you make use of fewer social media content to share your contents, it gives you an edge over competitors as it helps you stay focused. 


It is important to emphasize the need to understand your target audience completely. The essence of the product is to satisfy a need as well generate revenue for you.

And, the only way to achieve all of this is through the target audience. It is only when you have a clear understanding of your target audience that you know the right social media platform to share your content on.

The content of your product should only be shared on social media platforms you know your audience favors the most. 

The last step revolves around time. Timing is an integral part of social media marketing. If you do not have the knowledge of when to share your content product, your efforts will amount to waste.

If your target audiences are professionals who have a 9-5 job, it is foolhardy for you to share content during their working hours.

No doubts, they may stumble upon the contents of your product but because you failed to put their comfort into consideration, they may not necessarily have the patience to read through your posts or watch your videos.

 If you want to capture their interest, then it is best to wait till evening or possibly on weekends to share the content of your post.

As long as you have all these steps in place, you are just a mile away from actualizing your dreams and announcing the presence of your product to all and sundry.


Notwithstanding, you also have to consider the tone to use. Language and tone are two elements of conversing with an audience. 

The tone of your posts needs to align with the mindset of your target audience. When you fail to use the right tone and language style that suits your audience, you may not get the expected result and it will cause the whole strategy and plan to become a futile attempt.