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The only industry that has a significant effect on our businesses is the digital marketing industry.

They employ the use of numerous strategies which includes pay-per click, banner advertising, search engine optimization and all other methods that makes online advertising a success.

Unfortunately, the so-called digital marketing agency can be a thorn in the flesh especially when you fall prey into the hands of the fake ones that promises and instantaneous turnaround.

Despite the fact that we have numerous online directories that will skyrocket your online presence, we also have those that won’t make any effect despite spending thousands of dollars on them.

You might be a professional in this digital marketing field, but I will highlight certain areas you need to be wary of when trying to get the service of a digital marketing agency.

Fake Directory Listing Promises

Online directories can be a boost to your online presence by increasing your leads and making your products get into the hands of targeted audience.

However, we still have some directories that won’t yield any result. Depending on your niche, there are online directories that can help you get in touch with those who need your services.

Despite these, some companies still advertise their company and wait for unsuspecting clients to pay exorbitantly for submission of their company information.

These can be harmful to your company if they stay too long in the servers of these low valued directories that won’t deliver anything at the end

.Always make sure you know where your company information is been submitted to and how the company intend to generate traffic for you. 

“Your website is broken” Ignore the call.

As a business owner, you should be vigilant when you receive calls from digital marketers that your website needs fixing.

Some agencies are out there that randomly check on websites to see if they have issues. No matter how small, if you are not a tech savvy individual, it won’t take time for you to fall prey of these calls.

Don’t jump on it. Call your web developer and discuss with him, tell him the issues, that is if there are any.. If it’s something you can fix, why not go ahead and fix it. 

Fake Client Testimonials

Whenever you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, always make sure you take time to do lots of vetting.

There are millions of websites on the internet, scattered around the world.

So many companies will input fake client testimonials on their sites and this is common with digital marketing agencies.

Before taking any step, due diligence must be truly observed. Find out if the information or testimonials is really true.

You don’t want to fall into paying for unrealistic projects that won’t be delivered. 

Fake Google Ranking Guarantees

This is where digital marketers have the sweetest of words. Google always update their traffic and SEO algorithms, so it will be very hard for a digital marketer to find out what is working today because, by tomorrow it might cease to work.

Ranking on Google is not a day job. It takes time and at least 6 months. A versatile agency must be willing to share their strategies with you and how they will likely take care of yours. We have the solution to how you can gain massive traffic. Its FREE ! Get our internet traffic blueprint and learn traffic mastery like a pro. 

Avoid Fake Social Media Followers

Social media can be a great channel to advertise, but you must be very careful because most of the followers they tend to get for you might not be real after all.

There are so many fake profile littered all over the internet. The desired result might not bring anything useful.Reject any proposal that says you should pay for followers.

At The Peoples Depot,. We make sure we put you on the right track and ensure that your business breathes life.