5 Truths SEO Experts Will Hide From You In 2021

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SEO (Search engine optimization can be a pain in the back and at times bad news for your business. Even if you pay hundreds of thousands to hire the service of a professional SEO expert,

I mean the one who knows the nifty gritty of the job, little do they know that the algorithm behind search engines changes from time to time.

How your ranking will be affected can put everyone in the dark.

So before you send him a final confirmation email to resume work on a Monday morning, here are some common lies SEO experts will sell to you.

The algorithm is easy, I know them all”

If you are not working with Google, you can know the algorithm that is been rolled out on a daily basis.

The best Google can do is to tell us little about them, it’s now left for you to find out about the rest yourself.

And you know Google, they update like no man’s business. Do you still remember RankBrain developed by Google, as an artificial intelligence robot?

SEO experts never had a clue even till now about how it works but it is considered as one of the top three you need to consider when ranking. 

“I know all Niches and I can rank them”

Knowing the intent of a customer is the major role of an SEO expert.

These vary from niches to niches.

The duty of the SEO expert is to have a complete understanding of the client needs to help him or her rank.

Unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on ads, campaigns and flyers, the duty of your SEO expert is to have a deep knowledge in the field where you’d like to operate. 

“SEO is all you need.”

All marketers always take advantage of SEO, but it’s just one out of many ways you need to get in touch with your audience.

Most successful online business combines advertising, social media marketing and content marketing to boost their online presence.

These tactics work hand in hand for a successful traffic generation. 

“More and more links will boost your visibility”

There are so many crude and improper ways SEO experts send links to a domain and this causes Google to place ban on them once in a while.

But no matter how you’d take this giant step, backlinks still matters a lot if you need to generate traffic.

Pointing links to your site without taking the necessary guidelines can hurt your online presence.  Google needs to understand the kind of links that your site needs to grow traffic.

Always ask your SEO expert for link strategies. Failure to ask can put your visibility in jeopardy. 

“Plagiarized content won’t harm your site.”

Google is on the lookout for websites that duplicate their content on multiple domains just to get traffic

.So this is not a good way to get traffic pulled to your website, SEO experts may at times tell you not to worry and that it won’t hurt your website.

No one knows if they are wrong but Google already have rules guiding copied works on your website, and these are

Stay away from publishing stubs

Let your content be different

Telling the search console how you want your website to be indexed

Take SEO seriously on your website.

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